Building Relationships and Getting To Know Your Volunteers – A Customer Testimonial From Soraya Wright | App-Garden | software for school administrators

Too often school districts are burdened with piles of volunteer paperwork. The lack of time to spend on sorting out volunteers can get in the way of what really matters when it comes to building a relationship with volunteers. With the

Volunteer Tracker

application, you can start spending less time sorting through paperwork, and more time learning about your volunteers. Soraya Wright, Volunteer Coordinator at Wilson County Schools mentions that the Volunteer Tracker “…has helped us to get better acquainted with our volunteers. We certainly appreciate it and so do our volunteers. They know that we care not only about our students and employees, but also about them. It has improved the relationship between volunteers and the schools. Parents are happy knowing that their children are around volunteers who have been cleared by Human Resources.” By creating both a safer and more welcoming environment for your volunteers, relationships are built and trust is kept between your school district and the volunteers serving in your district.

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